8 day fishing trip near the Arctic Circle, West Greenland

8 day unique fishing trip around the Arctic Circle, West Greenland

Trout fishing – Exclusive rights to the river - Pristine wilderness and dazzling nature –

Greenlandic sealer culture – Sealing and boat fishing

Tours: July - September 2019 - 8 days 18.990 DKK - Guaranteed departure! Small groups, ONLY 5-8 people. For enquires and booking please write: info@westgreenlandwildlife.com

Trout fishing with West Greenland Wildlife is a truly unique experience for the picky angler. We take you out into completely untouched nature, with space for peace and quiet unlike anywhere else.  Nature is in charge here. All we can do is tag along and adapt - just like generations of Greenlanders have done before us.


West Greenland Wildlife holds exclusive rights to fish in the Sassannguit river right on the Arctic Circle. The river is located in the middle of the Greenalndic wilderness and runs for 15 kilometers. Our groups are small, only 5-8 participants, and we have the whole area to ourselves. This gives you maximum opportunity to find your very own favorite fishing spot, where all the trout are biting.


You can also join a sealing trip, and if the tide is low you can harvest blue mussels by the river reefs. Other options are boat fishing for halibut and catfish.  In the beautiful area behind the camp you can spot reindeer and musk oxen or go for a hike in the spectacular mountain landscapes, which are covered in moss and seasonal flowers over the summer.


The trip is led by Greenlandic hunter and fisherman, Leif Fontaine, founder of West Greenland Wildlife and former chairman of the Greenlandic Fishermen and Hunters' Organization, KNAPK. The team also consists of local nature guides and staff at the camp. It is a strong team with a solid local knowledge, who knows the river and conditions in the Greenland wilderness very well, ensuring that you are in the best hands throughout the stay.


The journey is not only a formidable fishing experience, but also a unique encounter with the Greenlandic fishing culture. Our camp is located at a traditional fishing settlement  that has been in the hands of the Greenlandic family Fontaine for generations. Throughout the year, the family uses the settlement as a base for hunting, sealing and fishing, and during the summer, arctic chars are salted and dried for winter storage.



Day 1 Arrival at Sisimiut, pickup at the airport Transfer to the camp/fishing grounds at Sassannguit In case of bad weather, we spend the night in Sisimiut.


Day 2-5 Fishing and activities in the wilderness:


-Go flyfishing for arctic char

-Go boat fishing: catfish and halibut

-Hike up to the fox caves and pick angelica plants

-Explore the wilderness with reindeer, musk oxen, birdlife and mesmerizing mountain landscapes

-From July 15th to August 15th you can take part in trap and net fishing at the Fontaine family fishing grounds. Join in also when the trout are dried, salted and smoked in the traditional ways that have kept generations Greenlanders well-fed. During this period you can catch an amazing glimpse of thousands of trout jumping through the cascades to continue their journey upriver.


-Seal hunting

If the weather allows, you can join us seal hunting. We head out one of the fjords to see if luck comes our way. Seals are hard to catch. The water must be still enough for us to spot their heads popping up through the surface. It also takes patience and keen hunting skills to get really close, before they dive back down. They can last up to 20 minutes under water, so the trick is to strike before they swim off to who knows where.


Day 6 Fishing and activities in the wilderness. Farewell dinner featuring Greenlandic specialties


Day 7 Fishing and transfer to Sisimiut. Overnight stay in Sisimiut


Day 8 Departure from Sisimiut.

Foto: Mads Pihl, Visit Greenland

The Arctic Char

The main feature of the trip is the arctic char, which populates the entire Arctic region. The arctic char is part of the char family and also carries the Latin name Salvelinus alpinus. In Greenland they call it eqaluk.


The wild arctic char spends winters in the lakes only to come out to the sea in early spring. In the summer months it rises up from the sea to spawn in the rivers. During the season it replaces its shiny silvery hue with the characteristic splendid orange, red and green spawning suit. 


The arctic char is a happy biter and a tremendous fighter, much stronger than trout seen elsewhere.  So do look forward to a challenge and world-class angling!

The area and the camp

The West Greenland Wildlife camp is located right on the Arctic Circle near the former settlement of Kangeq in West Greenland, 1,5 – 2 hours by boat headed south from Sisimiut. The river by the camp is called Sassannguit and runs from the settlement of Itilleq to the Kangerlussuaq fjord. We sleep in cottages at the camp site.

We stay right in the middle of the pristine Greenlandic wilderness, far removed from civilization, with reindeer and muskoxen as our closest neighbors. The Arctic scenery is simply breathtaking:  Wide open spaces, rugged mountains and snow covered mountain tops. Eagles and peregrine falcons soar over the rivers, ready to dive in to fetch a darting trout. Wild geese in the hinterlands and numerous eider ducks patrol the coast.


The area behind the camp is superb for hiking around the spectacular mountains, which are covered in moss and seasonal flowers throughout the summer. You can also explore fox caves or pick aromatic angelica plants, and add a wild Greenland flavor to your meals.

Practical information:


Prices and departure dates:


8 day unique fishing trip on the Arctic Circle, West Greenland

Small groups, ONLY 5-8 people per trip.

Price: DKK 18.990 pp (special price for opening season 2019)


Tours 2019:

20. - 27th. July 2019 - 8 days - Guaranteed departure, tour dates confirmed, 

27th July - 3th August 2019 - 8 days - Guaranteed departure

17. -24th August 2019 - 8 days - Guaranteed departure

31th August- 7th september 2019 - 8 days - Guaranteed departure

For sign up and info on 2020 tours and prices, please contact info@westgreenlandwildlife.com


Travel times and weather conditions


West Greenland Wildlife organizes fishing expeditions between mid-July and mid-September, which is the time of year when thousands of arctic char migrate to the rivers, giving you the very best conditions for the ultimate fishing experience.

The weather around the Arctic Circle changes a lot, so do pack for sunny summery weather, rough rains, and low temperatures.

Our expeditions take place in summer and early fall. In high summer we see the sun that never sets. Later in the season the sun hangs low, throwing blazing warm light on the wild landscapes.

Included in the price:


-6 days of flyfishing with local guides with exclusive right to the river

-Boat fishing: catfish and halibut

-Fishing permits

-Local guides, including Greenlandic seal hunter Leif Fontaine

-Transfer to and from Sisimiut Airport

-Boat transfer from Sisimiut to the camp and back

-Seal hunting (depending on the weather)

-Camp staff in charge of cooking and dishwashing

-6 nights in cottage/tent

- 1 night at hotel/hostel in Sisimiut incl. breakfast

-Breakfast, lunch and dinner at the camp

-Farewell dinner featuring Greenlandic specialties

-Traditional trap and net fishing and an introduction to the local smoking, salting and drying methods (only available July 15th to August 15th)

-Hikes to fox caves and picking angelica (herb used locally for cooking and medicinal purposes)



Not included in the price:


-Airfare to Sisimut, West Greenland


-Personal travel insurance

-Fishing gear

-Anything not stated under 'Included in the price'’

West Greenland Wildlife - 3911 Sisimiut, Greenland - info@westgreenlandwildlife.com