Go fly fishing at the Arctic Circle and explore the untouched wilderness of West Greenland

8-day unique fishing trip at the Arctic Circle, West Greenland

- World class arctic char fishing

- Exclusivity to a pristine river

- Arctic wilderness

- Sea fishing from boat

- Greenlandic hunting culture

Dates: July - August

A personal experience

"It is my passion. I have sailed the seas and fjords my entire life as a sealer,a hunter and a fisherman. It would be an amazing pleasure to share my experience with others.".

- Leif Fontaine, founder of West Greenland Wildlife

"It was something truly special."

Børge Skytte, Denmark

66°25'21.5"N, 53°34'10.0"W

Sassannguit, The Arctic circle, Vestgrønland

Artic Char, halibut, cod, catfish, salmon. Flyfishing and seafishing.

Watch our amazing camp

Gordon P. Henriksen and Rasmus Brohave catching Arctic Char in the camp

Gordon P. Henriksen and Rasmus Brohave catching catfish and halibut