Go fly fishing at the Arctic Circle and explore the untouched wilderness of West Greenland

8-day unique fishing trip at the Arctic Circle, West Greenland

- World class arctic char fishing

- Exclusivity to a pristine river

- Arctic wilderness

- Sea fishing from boat

- Greenlandic hunting culture

Dates: July - August

A personal experience

"It is my passion. I have sailed the seas and fjords my entire life as a sealer,a hunter and a fisherman. It would be an amazing pleasure to share my experience with others.".

- Leif Fontaine, founder of West Greenland Wildlife

66°25'21.5"N, 53°34'10.0"W

Sassannguit, The Arctic circle, Vestgrønland

Artic Char, halibut, cod, catfish, salmon. Flyfishing and seafishing.

"It was something truly special."

Børge Skytte, Denmark