The Camp

Photo: Tikki Geisler, Visit Greenland

The Camp

N, 66.25.215. W, 53.34.100. Sassannguit, The Arctic Circle, West Greenland

The West Greenland Wildlife camp is located right on the Arctic Circle near the former settlement of Kangeq in West Greenland, 1,5 – 2 hours by boat headed south from Sisimiut. The river by the camp is called Sassannguit and runs from the settlement of Itilleq to the Kangerlussuaq fjord. We sleep in tents. The camp also has a cabin, where we eat our meals.

We stay right in the middle of the pristine Greenlandic wilderness, far removed from civilization, with reindeer and muskoxen as our closest neighbors. The Arctic scenery is simply breathtaking:  Wide open spaces, rugged mountains and snow covered mountain tops. Eagles and peregrine falcons soar over the rivers, ready to dive in to fetch a darting trout. Wild geese in the hinterlands and numerous eider ducks patrol the coast.


The area behind the camp is superb for hiking around the spectacular mountains, which are covered in moss and seasonal flowers throughout the summer. You can also explore fox caves or pick aromatic angelica plants, and add a wild Greenland flavor to your meals.

The camp is located on a traditional, Greenlandic fishing ground, providing a unique opportunity to experience Greenlandic sealer culture firsthand.