The experience

"When the boat reduces the speed on the way into the fjord and docks at Leif Fontaine's settlement, you have no choice but to gear down yourself. Let your impatience go, seek into yourself and surrender to just being. To the river, the mountains and the silence.


The week we were there, my wife and I threw our busy everyday rhythm overboard and allowed ourselves to just be. It is a great gift to have a nature experience that is also a great cultural experience. Leif and Agathe gave us a close feeling of the hunter culture. A culture that is faithful to its past and to a thoroughly sustainable way of life.


I am a hunter and angler myself, I live in the middle of beautiful nature and I gladly travel far for great experiences. But this was something special. We brought so much home with us. Here, it's not a matter of how many fish you can catch, but to take what you want to eat and then fill the mind. To Greenlanders, it is embedded in their never to take more from nature than they need. We ate of nature and filled ourselves with light, arctic char jumping in the stream, the silence, the bright night, the expanses, and the exciting wildlife both above and below the water.

A journey with West Greenland Wildlife is for those who meet the world with an open mind. Let yourself be guided by your curiosity, by the present and of course by Leif Fontaine, who with entrenched experience listens to nature, shows reverence to the generations before him and to the natural power of the mountains."

- Børge Skytte, Denmark.

Photo: Børge Skytte

Photo: Børge Skytte

Photo: Børge Skytte

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