About West Greenland Wildlife

About West Greenland Wildlife

West Greenland Wildlife offers fishing and adventure trips at the Polar Cicle in West Greenland. The company is a 100% Greenlandic owned and operated and our travels are based on an in-depth knowledge of the Greenlandic wilderness and decades of experience with hunting and fishing. We are a specialised travel agency, based on our own experience as fishermen and hunters. We have lived with nature throughout our lives, and our mission is to create sustainable tourism that can help protect the unique nature we have been given in Greenland.

We conduct sustainable tourism in vulnerable areas. Here only a few fishing permits are given and it requires a great local knowledge to bring anglers to the area. The river which we have obtained exclusivity to engage in sports fishing on, stretches over 15 kilometers into the country just south of the Polar circle.

My team features local nature activity guides with deep insight into the surroundings, as well as spirited camp staff.  The team is solid, with strong local roots and broad expertise in the Greenlandic wilderness. We will do absolutely everything in their power to make sure you are in the best possible hands throughout the trip.


Our camp is located in the middle of nowhere,  near traditional fishing grounds owned by the Fontaine family for generations.   All year round my family uses the grounds as a base for reindeer hunting, seal hunting and fishing. In the summer we smoke, salt and dry arctic char for the winter store.  In sum, our trips not only feature awesome experiences with sport fishing and nature activities, but also an unparalleled encounter with Greenlandic sealer culture."

-Leif Fontaine, fisherman and hunter and founder of West Greenland Wildlife

Agathe and Leif Fontaine

Old familie photo from the camp site..